What is ZAPA TAG?

A ZAPA TAG is a nifty little sticker that attaches to your mobile phone. It stores the loyalty points you’ve earned in all your favourite shops, bars, cafes and more!

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Become a ZAPA Merchant

Looking for a quick and easy way to offer loyalty, coupons & prepay to your customers? Want to know more about some of the benefits ZAPA can bring to your shop? Why not contact us to find out more?

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Where can I use it?

ZAPA TAG is launched in Insomnia, Munchies, Expert Hardware and many more outlets across the country. Be sure to check out our full list of outlets.

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The ZAPA mobile app

The ZAPA App for iPhone & Android lets you keep track of your balances, see the latest & greatest offers ,view all the stores near you and even lets you manage your account directly from your phone. You can register your tag via the app or you can log in to an existing account.

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It’s just another way of making things even easier for you. You can download the App for free through the market place or App Store or get it directly from here